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Our Story

We all have a story - here's ours.

Helotes Hills Methodist Church (HHMC) was organized on July 3, 1966 by a group of local Methodists under the guidance of Rev. J. Roy Hilliard. Seven days later, 18 people joined the newly formed church. Between July 1966 and February 1967, worship services were held in members’ homes as well as in the small rock building adjacent to our property which later became the Helotes Art Guild building and the newly built Forest Hills Presbyterian Church.


On February 19, 1967, the first section of a planned church complex was opened and was named the L. K. Stemen Educational Building. It included the sanctuary, restrooms, a pastor’s study, choir room, kitchenette, and classroom. HHMC was officially dedicated on May 21, 1967, by Bishop O. Eugene Slater and charter memberships were closed with 91 members on the roll. A dedication dinner was held at the Grey Moss Inn. In 1968, the Methodist Church joined with the Evangelical United Brethren Church to form the United Methodist Church and thus Helotes Hills Methodist Church became Helotes Hills United Methodist Church (HHUMC).

In 1974, the Helotes Optimist Club, the Helotes Hills UMC, and Boy Scout Troop 401 entered into a partnership to form what became known as the Playground and Recreation Center or P.A.R.C. Together, the three organizations developed plans and launched a drive for funds. The P.A.R.C. building broke ground on November 9, 1974 with hopes of completion by 1976. The building was constructed using donated materials and volunteer labor. An addition to the original building was added in 1987 by Bob Cage Builders. The new addition included classrooms, restrooms, a library, an office, and a nursery.

In 1994, during the pastorate of Rev. Peter Aguilar, the sanctuary building was remodeled and enlarged to its current size. In 2016, the sanctuary narthex was remodeled and enlarged to its present size. At the same time, the PARC building was remodeled and enlarged to provide more floor space and seating for church events.


The following pastors have served at Helotes Hills UMC, along with the years of their assignment:

1966-69 Rev. J. Roy Hilliard; 1969-78 Rev. Collin Furr; 1978-81 Rev. Bill Henderson; 1981-83 Rev. Jerrie Jones; 1983-88 Rev. David McNitzky; 1988-90 Rev. Luster Lockett; 1990-91 Rev. Gene Schweitzer; 1991 -2000 Rev. Peter Aguilar; 2000-03 Rev. Stan Wright; 2003-10 Rev. Suzanne Isaacs; 2010-16 Rev. Melanie Miner; 2016 – 2022 Rev. Jim Sweet; 2022 - Present Rev. Cheryl Broome.

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